The City of San Francisco is making major improvements to Fisherman’s Wharf’s main street, Jefferson Street.  Please see:


As of June 18th, 2013, Jefferson Street has been converted from a one-way to a two-way street, with one lane in each direction, between Powell and Hyde streets.   Hyde Street between Jefferson and Beach Street has also been converted to two-way.  The changes also include widened sidewalks and a narrower roadway on Jefferson Street between Jones and Hyde streets in order to make the street more attractive for pedestrians.  Parking is no longer permitted on much of Jefferson Street.   On summer weekends, traffic on westbound Jefferson Street between Powell and Mason streets may be limited to streetcars and bicycles only at times to prevent traffic congestion on this street.  Alternate routes include westbound Beach, North Point and Bay streets.


While tour buses will still be allowed to operate on Jefferson Street at all other times, traffic will move more slowly and turns will be more difficult for large vehicles to execute to and from the two-way street.  The City of San Francisco and the Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District request that tour bus operators and guides avoid using Jefferson Street as much as possible.  If buses must use Jefferson Street for local circulation, the SFMTA requests that they operate on Jefferson Street for no more than one block. 

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